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Epoxy/PU Coatings, Linings & Others

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Attractive color quartz broadcast Epoxy / PU systems with textured finish for enhanced slip resistance.  Options available for static control, thermal cycling, rapid installation and light manufacturing.

Color Options:

Systems Options

  • Stonshield HRI – Decorative Epoxy mortar system to withstand heavy loads. Textured finished. product data

  • Stonshield SLT –  Decorative Epoxy system for light-duty environments or installations on Epoxy/PU Mortar basesTextured Finish.  product data

  • Stonshield ESD –  Decorative conductive Epoxy floor with static control properties. Textured finish.  product data

  • Stonshield UTS –  Decorative Urethane Polyaspartic System for high resistance to thermal shock and thermal cycling.  Textured finish. product data

  • Stonshield Xpress – Decorative Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resin-based system for rapid installation in A&A areas.  Textured Finish.  product data

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