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Stongard Epoxy / PU based membrane floor protection system is a popular, lasting, economical and aesthetic application for mechanical, equipment rooms and parking decks. 

Color Options:

System Options

  • Stongard MR : Popular and economical basic epoxy system for Mechanical Areas like AHU, Electrical Rooms that require Epoxy Coating clean finish. Inclusive elastomeric positive side waterproofing membrane. product data

  • Stongard MD: Aesthetic textured quartz system with elastomeric positive side waterproofing and enhanced slip resistant property. Find the color palette under the Stonshield product line. product data

  • Stongard MX: Epoxy system reinforced with fiberglass with integrated positive side waterproofing for mechanical equipment rooms . product data

  • Stongard TM: Lasting textured traffic bearing system that stands up to the harsh elements like road salts and petroleum based products. product data

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