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Prefabricated Cove Skirting & Kerbs

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Prefabrication heavy duty modular pieces for protection of walls against high impact.

Material Options:

A. Natural

PolySto Natural Cove Skirting & Kerbs are a perfect, safe and economic solution. Made of polymer composite, they are durable, smooth, impact and water resistant.

B. Sanicoat

Used in high care zones, PolySto Sanicoat Cove Skirting & Kerbs is with impact resistant, smooth gelcoat which is resistant to continuous water exposure. PolySto Sanicoat is very easy to clean with all regular cleaning products used in the food and clean room industry.

C. Stainless Steel

The complete PolySto range is available in high quality AISI 304L Stainless Steel finish. Any other thickness or quality is available on demand. End pieces and corners are pre welded for a perfect and smooth finish.

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